“Quote” Project

Small archive of phrases and citations.

Lumen. The stunningly fast micro-framework by Laravel.

Written in PHP with Lumen ( is a very simple project aimed at testing the potential of Symfony’s “concurrent” framework. It seems to be doing well and writing the code was very pleasant and facilitated.

The meaning of the life of this project

Honestly, I had a free afternoon and a few citations scattered around the computer. I also didn’t know how to fill the dashboard of my management project. That’s why I thought of making the APIs to get quotes (in Italian).

Will there be updates?

Here too, honestly, I do not promise anything, the citations archive is fixed and does not rely on any external service, it is simply a static database of sentences. There is the possibility of adding sentences, but I will do it when I have time and desire, unless someone wants to take charge of it 🙂


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